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What We Do


Farmers of North America (FNA) is all about building the future of farming. We do that by building a farm business alliance using our combined market power.

Strategies We Employ

Using our combined Market Power, Farmers of North America (FNA) employs three general strategies to maximize our farm profitability: Negotiating with suppliers and others who can have an impact on farm profitability, encouraging supply chain competition, and creating opportunities for Member to ownership of a piece of that supply chain. The following uses the real history of the farm business alliance to illustrate how each strategy inevitably led to the next…Read More

Building the Farm Business Alliance

Farmers of North America (FNA) is all about building the future of farming. We do that by building the farm business alliance. And every Member has a huge stake in bringing new Members into Farmers of North America. Because growing the farm business alliance grows opportunities for each Member. Using every tool, every technique, every source of ideas and initiative, Farmers of North America exists to create competitive options for farmers so that farmers grow their own balance sheetsRead More

Getting Every Dollars Worth

Your Farmers of North America (FNA) Membership is worth thousands of dollars per year to your bottom line. This is real money. Other than ensuring you take advantage of specific Membership features, there are some general rules that will ensure you maximize your return on investment in Farmers of North America…Read More

Farm Delivery

How much time and money do you expend getting your suppliers’ products from their place to your farm? How much do you pay in shipping charges to have products delivered to your farm? Direct to Farm Delivery is saving Farmers of North America Members millions of dollars each yearRead More

MPower Rewards

MPower Rewards are the mechanism to return real cash directly to Members…Read More