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A team to maximize your farm’s profitability?

It just makes sense.
It’s true that no one farmer—even the largest among us—can significantly affect the supply chain behind him or the value stream beyond the farm gate. Farmers of North America (FNA) is your strategic answer to these challenges. FNA works with exclusive suppliers like AgraCity Crops & Nutrition to be your supply chain strategy. We develop methods, options and entire new businesses to drive competition for your input cost dollar, reducing your expenses and maximizing your profits. What one farmer cannot do alone, together we can achieve—in the FNA farm business alliance. Together we have brought Members hundreds of millions of dollars in additional profit they would not otherwise have realized. All because they made the strategic decision to participate in FNA.
Let FNA and AgraCity work for you. Work with 10,000 other growers and a management team dedicated to maximizing your profitability. We guarantee it will be one of the best investments you ever make in your operation.

Let’s Talk. Call us at 1-844-FNA-GROW (1-844-362-4769) or look for us in a city near you!

Learn more about how FNA and AgraCity can grow your profits! Bring your neighbor and join us at an upcoming townhall meeting near you:

Hartford, SD
Tuesday, January 20th | 11:00am
Pizza Ranch | 120 South Dakota 38

Madison, SD
Wednesday, January 21st | 11:00am
Nicky’s | 1407 W 2nd Street, West Hwy 34

Brookings, SD
Thursday, January 22nd | 11:00am
Fireside Restaurant & Lounge | 2515 6th Street

Worthington, MN
Monday, January 26th | 10:30am
Pizza Ranch | 1132 Oxford Street #4

Marshall, MN
Tuesday, January 27th | 10:30am
Pizza Ranch | 1420 Boyer Drive


Please RSVP to 1-844-FNA-GROW (1-844-362-4769) or email

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AgraCity USA Town Hall

Learn how to maximize your farm profitability!