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MPOWER Rewards

MPOWER eligible products pay you back MPOWER Rewards.

After all the book work is complete to calculate the savings FNA Members have generated through volume, logistics, currency risk, management and marketing, a cash reward is determined and made available to FNA Members. MPOWER Rewards system makes room for more value creation as the savings in business efficiencies are paid back to the Members.MPower Rewards

MPOWER Rewards means more money in your pocket.
MPOWER Rewards are the mechanism to return real cash directly to Members.
MPOWER Rewards has already returned over $1.5 Million in Cash to Members.

MPower Rewards Overview

Returns come from savings generated in logistics, currency management, administration and marketing in addition to those provided by suppliers against specific product purchases. When a product or service carries the MPower logo or displays the “MPower Eligible” seal, Members know that their purchases of that product or service will be managed to generate additional cash returns to them.

An example of how non-price factors can contribute to MPower cash for Members is the significant impact on logistics costs that can be made when a critical mass of Members from the same delivery area purchase the same product. The whole system is able to operate more efficiently and the savings from those efficiencies are shared with Members.

Similarly, by operating booking programs with defined stop and start buying times, marketing and administrative efficiencies are achieved. Of course, we must not lose sight of the fact that the largest contributor to MPower cash for Members comes from suppliers’ returning part of the price of products based on volumes, market conditions and the supplier’s own ability to achieve efficiencies by working with Farmers of North America.

So, unlike rebate programs, MPower Rewards are not calculated on price alone. Instead, MPower Rewards are used to share efficiencies. Suppliers are willing to share the value of such savings on MPower eligible products because those result from Members actively using the farm business alliance.

Secondly, MPower Rewards protect suppliers from predatory practices in the market or adverse reactions from distributors and manufacturers. This protection comes from the fact that the supplier is able to price products close to prevailing retail rates and return price discounts through MPower Rewards rather than up front pricing. So there is no sensible retaliation for others to take.

Performance-based Pricing

Suppliers and Farmers of North America go through a balancing act in negotiating prices, between how much of a price discount should come on the front end and how much returned through MPower Rewards. Suppliers are more willing to negotiate favorable terms if they know they will in effect be paying for performance – if sufficient numbers of Members do not take advantage of the suppliers’ offer, then there will be little or no pay out of MPower Rewards; if many of us buy the product there will be a good pay out. As the CEO of our own farms, we recognize the merit of performance-based compensation. MPower Rewards allows us to bring that concept to input pricing. In doing so we increase the number of suppliers willing to participate and the levels at which they participate. This directly leads to better profitability; hence MPower Rewards are a “profitability tool.”

4 Great Things About MPower Rewards

1. Preserves Your Value

The industry, as a whole, will not fully understand the bonus savings our Members receive with MPower. In addition to your competitive pricing, additional cash will be given back to you through the MPower Rewards card, further preserving your Member pricing.

2. Eliminates Free-Rider

Competitive pricing is one thing but cash back takes Member Value to a whole new level. With cash back, non-members can only assume they are getting the best price. Members get the best price with real cash to prove it.

3. Removes Guessing

Suppliers will no longer have to estimate and build in margin for risk (freight fluctuations, foreign exchange, sales volumes, etc). Instead, Farmers of North America works with suppliers to calculate the additional benefit and provides cash back to Member in regular intervals.

4. Makes Room For More Value Creation

More and more suppliers will be and are coming on board, knowing that final Farmers of North America Member pricing is not disclosed publicly, and is not even a straight reflection of the supplier price. The true value of this exclusive Membership is virtually impossible for third parties to calculate and remains intact, preserving your savings while encouraging other suppliers and other to join.

Practical Nuts & Bolts

Once the dollar amount of MPower Rewards are calculated for a cycle, the money is returned to you in one of two ways:

1. Credited to your account. You can use it to purchase anything to which your account applies including your Membership Renewal, or purchases from a Major supplier to Farmers of North America Members.

2. Posted to your MPower MasterCard debit card. You can use your MPower MasterCard to buy anything anywhere MasterCard is accepted, or withdraw it as cash. The card is a real MasterCard debit card and has the same utility.

If you do not have your MPower MasterCard, call your Member Service Manager to have one issued. Use the Member Hotline: 1-844-FNA-GROW (1-844-362-4769).

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