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Get every dollar’s worth

Your Farmers of North America (FNA) Membership is worth thousands of dollars per year to your bottom line. This is real money.

Other than ensuring you take advantage of specific Membership features, there are some general rules that will ensure you maximize your return on investment in Farmers of North America.

1. Farmers of North America Communications – Make sure we are “whitelisted”
We will send you periodic email communications that connect you to a supplier offering a specific value proposition. It is important that these emails not be mistaken as spam by your email spam filters. If you have spam filtering software or spam settings in your email program, please use the “white-listing” feature.

Typically you should receive one email a week with offers from suppliers. Occasionally there may be more than one per week, depending on activity in your area or events that are not routine such as a news release.

See “How we communicate with you.” If you feel you are receiving too much email from Farmers of North America, please let us know, and we will try to tailor our contacts to your wishes.

2. Talk to your Manager
Make sure that your Farmers of North America Member Service Manager understands your operation and your input needs. Your Manager should map your specific input needs to specific Member suppliers and provide you a fairly complete plan of use of your Farmers of North America Membership.

3. Understand the pre-order and off-season buying strategy.
Some products are routinely lower-priced in the off-season, so those are relatively easy decisions.

For others, there is a two-edged sword in buying in advance. If you buy now and prices go down later, you may experience some loss; or if you buy now and prices go up, you’ll experience an even larger gain. To manage this risk you can try buying half your needs in the off-season.

A potentially more significant risk with some inputs is a reduction in supply when peak season comes. If this is a risk you have had to deal with or have reason to be concerned about in your area, you may want to consider advance buying for your entire supply, so long as the price we can get you keeps your input cost comfortably in the profitability window.

4. Use it all.
Do not assume that your Membership only covers “major” inputs like crop protection. For example, we have Members who have saved thousands of dollars on parts and shop equipment. We have Members who are saving real money on oil and lubes, spray tips and ear tags.

A simple rule of thumb is before you buy your next part, call your Farmers of North America Representative to get a competitive quote.

5. Pay attention to MPower Rewards

Review the separate MPower Rewards brochure that came with your Membership Kit.

This program can provide real cash back to you on eligible purchases and it is important to consider MPower Rewards in making purchasing decisions based on price. Always remember that the real price is net of the cash back.

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