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About Farmers of North America

10,000 farmers strong


We are more than 10,000 farmers who are part of a

solution with only one purpose:

to Maximize Farm Profitability.

What is FNA

Farmers of North America is the registered business name for Farms and Families of North America Inc, commonly referred to as “Farmers of North America (FNA).” We are more than 10,000 farmer Members across North America in all sectors of agriculture. We are a farm business alliance with a singular mission”Maximizing Farm Profitability”…Read More

The Problem

Farmers of North America (FNA) was created to address a specific “problem bundle” and that problem has not gone away. Even while many farmers feel very comfortable with the earnings from their farm over the past few years, the fact remains that North American farmers are not receiving an appropriate return on the land, labor, capital and management they invest in their operations. Using simply a return on equity calculation – in other words giving away the farmer’s labor and management for free – the number is unacceptably low…Read More

FNA’s Role

Unlike compulsory systems around the world where organizations or governments are able to mandate participation and obtain government financing, Farmers of North America built a dynamic business alliance that farmers employ voluntarily. This fundamental farmer-choice impelling a private business to focus on Member profitability drives Farmers of North America to ever higher levels of achievement and distinguishes it as a unique business model….Read More

Four Key Points

There are four key points about Farmers of North America…Read More

Three Pillars

Farmers of North America (FNA) builds on three pillars: Growth, Efficiency and Member Value, which we call GEM Value. The pillars are inter-connected and each is reflected internally — i.e organizationally — and externally — our work for and with others…Read More

Our Values

Farmers of North America (FNA) is a farmer-centric organization built on three pillars: Growth, Efficiency, Member Value (GEM Value). In pursuing GEM Value, our daily actions are guided by foundational valuesMaximizing Farm Profitability itself is a core value…Read More

Setting Our Priorities

We recognize that Farmers of North America (FNA) cannot do everything all at once. Which means it needs to have a practical system to set priorities. Unsurprisingly, since the mission of the farm business alliance is to maximize our farm profitability, our priorities match the mission. There are specific mission-critical areas that we have grouped into five categories…Read More

Our Members

Farmers of North America is more than 10,000 farmers in every sector of agriculture, working over 20 million acres of land. Our largest Members by land size farm over 16,000 acres and our smallest have a single quarter section or less. Some of the smallest by land are quite large by revenue, operating intensive livestock or other high-value / low land-use production types…Read More

Our History

Farmers of North America (FNA) was founded in 1998 by a family with homesteader roots in both Canada and the United States, sealing the future of a business truly North American in character and committed to one mission: Maximizing Farm Profitability. Since then, Farmers of North America has been central in breaking monopoly pricing on glyphosate, driving competition in the entire crop protection industry and most recently the effort to build a fertilizer plant with farmers as owners, not just customers. Farmers of North America has over 10,000 members working over 20 million acres of land…Read More