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4 Key Points About FNA

Number 1

FNA helps farmers to strengthen their communities.

Farmers of North America will work with local retailers if those businesses are able to Growing Communitycontribute significantly to Members’ profitability. We recognize that local retailers are squeezed by the big manufacturers almost as much as farmers. So the money paid for over-priced input products does not actually go to the local guy. Most of it goes to corporate headquarters around the world.

It is proven time and again that the best thing for the local community is for farmers to keep more of the value they produce. By reducing input costs, Farmers of North America puts farmers in the position of deciding what should happen with that extra money. And we know that often includes support for local causes such as community sports or 4-H.


Number 2

FNA’s Membership fee is a modest investment.

There are three important things to remember about the Membership fee:FNA Guarantee
1. It covers three years;
2. You get $1,500 worth of supplier credits immediately posted to your account, so the fee only amounts to about $333 per year; and
3. We guarantee it.

If you do not get back more in savings than the value of your Membership fee by using Farmers of North America programs over the three years, we will offer you a complete refund–not prorated, no hold backs, every penny. How can we offer this? Because we are so confident you will save far more than the cost of the membership in the first year; let alone over three years.


Number 3

Members reap the rewards.

In the past some farmers were content to let others bear the cost of building the farm MPower Rewardsbusiness alliance while gaining much of the benefit–through lower prices on crop protection, for example. We recognized that it is important to retain the value generated by Members for those Members’ benefit alone.

So we created the MPower® Cash Rewards program to be the vehicle of delivering price advantages to Members. The price of products from suppliers to Members will be close to the retail market price so there will be no competitive response driving down prices for all farmers. Farmers of North America Members will get their dollars back not just on the preferred pricing, but on other savings generated by efficiencies such as in logistics or currency management.


Number 4

Direct farm delivery saves time and money.

Farmers of North America and its suppliers deliver directly to the farm gate. That’s Direct to Farm Deliveryworth millions of dollars to Members every year.

Minimizing handling, eliminating intermediate warehousing, and stopping multiple shipping of the same product are valuable savings measures for the whole community. It’s safer, better for the environment and reduces the risk of farmer liability. So direct to farm delivery is more than a reason to join Farmers of North America and more than a huge time saver for Members.

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